How we query Wikipedia’s Knowledge Graph (DBpedia) in SQL using timbr

Transform existing databases into Knowledge Graphs
Semantic Web Inference and Relationships in SQL
A summary of the DBpedia ontology by inheritance and relationships
A summary of the concept person
Insights into the concept person relationships
Querying in timbr’s semantic SQL
Querying in SPARQL
Querying in standard SQL
Querying in timbr’s semantic SQL via Zeppelin pyspark interpreter

So, how do we start? EASY.

A new query using timbr-SQL answering our question
A snippet from timbr’s query results

What else can we achieve with our data using timbr?

Get all relationships between concepts person and place
A Snippet of the relationships between concepts person and place
dtimbr schema example
dtimbr schema result
etimbr schema example
etimbr schema result
Concept work and its derived concepts in timbr’s Ontology Modeler
The timbr BLI platform





R&D Team Leader at

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Bar Cohen

Bar Cohen

R&D Team Leader at

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